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Diet | The Psoriasis Institute – Facts on diet and psoriasis. Food triggers maybe seen in some individuals; Vitamin and supplements such as omega 3 oils and anti-oxidants may improve psoriasis… Gluten-free diet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – A … Continue reading

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Inverse psoriasis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Inverse psoriasis or flexural psoriasis is a form of psoriasis that selectively and often exclusively involves the folds, recesses, and flexor surfaces such as the …… Foods to Eat With Psoriasis | … Continue reading

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Childhood psoriasis – A Challenge For All”Increased study about childhood psoriasis and the development of new treatment options remains urgent.” There are several different presentations of psoriasis, but it most often causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. … Continue reading

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Psoriasis Treatments – How Psoriasis Is TreatedPsoriasis treatments include creams, pills, shots and light treatments. The decision as to what treatment to use depends upon the severity of the psoriasis, any co-morbidities like diabetes or liver disease, and the mode … Continue reading