Your Journey to Health and Fitness

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working out - Your Journey to Health and FitnessBecause there are many illnesses and chronic diseases that occur among people in recent times, a lot more people are making time for their health and fitness since these will help them fight certain medical conditions. Today, one of the leading reasons why people are overweight or are afflicted by minor and major health problems is because they don’t practice having a healthy diet.

Effective formula for a healthy diet

Healthy diet, which include eating balanced amount of food from all food groups, in addition to exercise or regular physical activity can lessen people’s inclination to health issues. Doctors state that though basic principle of healthy diet is not difficult, there are those people who are having a hard time sticking to it. The major reasons behind this include a super busy lifestyle, work that causes a lot of stress or even an environment that is not conducive to having a healthy diet.

Despite hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, people can begin and maintain balanced and healthy diet if they really want to. Experts say that there is nothing impossible to formulating an effective eating plan if someone desires to achieve a healthy body and mind.

To begin with, experts advise a variety of food choices from each food group. Eating a large variety of foods and veggies may also serve as a warm up to avoid the foods that give rise to drastic weight gain. Having a balanced consumption of calcium-rich foods, whole grains, and protein-rich products will likely keep you in track. In order to maintain eating a healthy diet, you need to also know your restrictions of fats, salt and sugars levels, and intakes. Lastly, you need to monitor your body weight regularly so that you can determine whether your body is absorbing all the nutrients that it needs.

When do you know if your diet is healthy?

Being free of any illness or medical condition will be the major determinant that a person is healthy. If you are having a difficult time identifying what exactly is healthy on your diet and which are not, here are some ideas for you. Experts say that a diet plan is healthy if:

  • it is based on starchy foods like bread, cereals, rice, pasta, and potatoes since they are an excellent source of energy, not to mention being the leading source of a variety of nutrients of a person’s diet like fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamin B;
  • loaded with plenty of fruits and vegetables like orange, apples, celery, broccoli, carrots, beans and peas because eating no less than 5 servings of any variety can supply the vitamins the body needs and it also satisfies hunger and not having to be worried about fats and excess carbohydrates;
  • full of fish dishes that contain high levels of fish oil since it can supply protein, vitamins, and minerals which are not provided by other food groups;
  • low on saturated fats and excess sugars like meat pies, sausages, hard cheese, butter and lard, pastry, cake, biscuits, cream as well as the others since they are loaded with complex calories stored in the muscles and sugars which can cause tooth decay.
  • less in salt content because experts believe foods high in salt or meals that uses an excessive amount of salt can raise the person’s blood pressure which can lead to more complicated diseases especially those associated with coronary illnesses; and
  • high in water content because experts believe that for an individual to attain optimum health and fitness, he or she should consume plenty of water and foods high in fluid content to help keep the body well-hydrated.

The path to health and fitness is not really the difficult arduous job that everyone seem to believe it is. When you really think about it, the difficult part is usually the start. Afterwards, the rest is going to be easier after you really get used to it. All it requires is discipline and commitment.

Here are some tips on how to get a headstart on your road to health and fitness. Read each of them and you will recognize that it really is easier to undertake. You simply need to take the first few steps.

  1. Start small. In case your favorite dish is something that your doctor asked you to avoid, there is absolutely no sense in skipping it altogether and after that binging on the dish once you can’t take the deprivation anymore. Take moderate steps towards the goal. If you eat the dish everyday, attempt to lessen your consumption and make it just three times a week. When you have managed that, cut down further and make it once per week. Because of this, you’ll be able to still enjoy the food but not increase your craving for it.
  2. Plan modestly. Set goals for yourself but that does not mean that you have to kill yourself to get it and when you don’t you’ll also kill yourself. Setting way too high goals will most likely only lead to disappointment and frustration. Whenever you plan, make certain you can do it. How would you know? Be realistic. You know what you are capable of. It is best to set goals for yourself you know you can do. Accomplishing them will provide you with a feeling of achievement that can make you more confident and more willing to continue with your task.
  3. Have a fitness buddy. Sharing the aches and pains along with the joys of accomplishment with a buddy can help make the process easier and much more bearable. The fact is, those that have a buddy when performing a self-improvement project are better able to stick to their plans than others who are doing the projects alone. The reason being if you have a buddy with you, he or she acts as a support system that can help help you stay on the right track which will help prevent you from giving up. Besides having a friend along with you experiencing the same things helps make the process more fun and more enjoyable.
  4. Have discipline. This really is one of the few things that can make or break your plans to finally live a healthy lifestyle. To be able to really adhere to the plan, you have to develop self-discipline particularly when it involves things that you really want to accomplish or things that you are used to doing. Temptations along the way will be many and you need to be ready to face all that.
  5. Do it for yourself. Many people begin to live a life of health and fitness when they are trying to get a new guy to notice them or when they want to impress a lover. Although they are valid reasons, sometimes, they are not enough to see you through the entire process. It is best that you do it for yourself since you desire a healthier and better you than do it for other people’s approval. In the end, the only approval that you’re going to ever need is your very own.

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